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Mitel Patch Panel for ST100DA T1


ST100DA T1 Mitel Patch Panel

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Our ST100DA T1 Mitel patch panel is a custom-built Mitel patch panel designed to perfectly fit your Mitel ST100DA T1 switch. Our 1U 24 port Mitel patch panel is perfectly wired to match what you see in the Mitel director. Enjoy the ease of use our ST100DA T1 Mitel patch panel provides. This Shortel patch panel provides you with 2 loop start trunk ports (FXO) and 6 analog extension ports (FXS). Enjoy the seamless connection that the ST100DA T1 Mitel patch panel provides.


This ST100DA T1 Mitel patch panel features:

  • 1U Rackmount 24 Port Panel
  • 24 RJ45/RJ11 Ports
  • 2x Loop Start Trunk Ports (FXO) used for analog lines from the carrier “Ports 1 &2”
  • 6x Analog Extension Ports (FXS) used for classic analog devices “Ports 9,10,11,12,13 & 14”

Mitel ST100DA Pinout
When connecting a Mitel ST100DA to a 24-port patch panel, the voice switch’s eight analog channels map to ports on the patch panel as shown in the table below. The Power Fail Transfer Unit provides an electrical connection between trunk channel 1 and the extension on channel 12.


Pin Pairs: 1,26 3,28 17,42 19,44 20,45 21,46 22,47 23,48   Assignment: Two loop start ports (T) for trunks & Six configurable ports (E) for telephones or DID trunks.

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions24 × 4 × 4 in
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ShoreTel SG30, SG50,ST50A, SG90 Patch Panel, ShoreTel SG220T1A Patch Panel, ShoreTel SG40/8 Patch Panel, ShoreTel ST100A, ST100DA Patch Panel, ShoreTel SG120/24, SG24A, ST24 & SG60/12 Patch Panel




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