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Mitel Patch Panel (Custom)


Select Your Custom Mitel Patch Panel Below


Mitel custom patch panels are designed to emulate various voice switch inputs that are switch specific. When you purchase your Mitel custom patch panel please select the correct Mitel switch type upon checkout.


Our Mitel Custom Panel Types are below:

  • SG30, SG50, SG50V, ST50A, SG90, SG90V
  • SG120/24, SG24A, ST48A (If you order this panel for an ST48A you need 2)
  • SG60/12
  • SG220T1A
  • ST100A, ST100DA
  • SG40/8

Don’t need a Mitel custom patch panel? perhaps you need an actual Mitel Switch. Follow this link to see our selection of Mitel switches 

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions24 × 4 × 4 in
Switch Type

Mitel SG30, SG50,ST50A, SG90 Patch Panel, Mitel SG220T1A Patch Panel, Mitel SG40/8 Patch Panel, Mitel ST100A, ST100DA Patch Panel, Mitel SG120/24, SG24A, ST24 & SG60/12 Patch Panel, Mitel SG60/12




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